"Students were interested and excited about the activites. They enjoyed the challenging and hands on nature of the activities. Just keep on coming back."


Why Choose Us

14 reasons why our customers choose us........

  1. Our Activities offer vertical, lateral and creative thinking skills. Using both sides of their brains, they have twice as much fun.”
  2. One new activity set is built every year. This is based on the latest 2012 National Maths Syllabus and previous NAPLAN Tests. "Schools know that their students are receiving the best, to put them above the rest."
  3. More varieties of activities are offered per session. Other companies offer 17 activities per session, whereas we offer 30 different  activities, allowing children to work in pairs. We come to you as an Incurson.
  4. Problems must be relevant, not appear too difficult and capture the child’s imagination. That is why we have cards for different ability levels, which allows students and teachers the choice to find what is right for each team.
  5. Our activities are designed to involve all children at one activity, rather than only one child doing the activity and others waiting their turn. Focused children, disrupt less.
  6. Our activity sets are designed to present more team work challenges with co-operation rather than individual competition. Teachers congratulate us on this approach.
  7. We believe in children finding a strategy rather than just coming up with a right or wrong answer. Our activities are based on using open-ended questions.   We want to empower children.
  8. Children enjoy these activities more because they are asked to find a solution to a problem, which is stated at the beginning. This question leads children to explore and come to their own conclusion, guided by their teacher, rather than be told the answer. This we call a“Guided Discovery” approach.
  9. Our activities are graded into 3 levels rather than 2 levels. Our levels or stages are Preps(K)/1/2/3,then Yr 4/5/6 then Yrs 7/8/9/10 with a Yr 11/12 stage to be designed.
  10. When the Preps, K or Yr 1 attend we encourage parents being invited to attend. We also recommend the upper students act as leaders for them and assist them with the activities.
  11.  Minimum recording is required so that children with lower language and comprehension skills are not handicapped or left behind, which also allows more “hands-on” time. Children learn when they have fun.    
  12. Reward systems, such as stickers and stamps are built into each activity, so that children experience a win-win situation. Children love being successful and we acknowledge this.
  13. Our sets are strongly built, adjustable for children’s height, colourful, use safe non toxic paint and attractive characters to highlight the problem and at times, offering clues.
  14. They allow for Special Education requirements, such as being accessible by children in a wheelchair.  Large, easy to read language, in lower case is used, all with diagrams or photos.