"Students were interested and excited about the activites. They enjoyed the challenging and hands on nature of the activities. Just keep on coming back."


Our Team

Although we are a young company, we have a long pedigree.

Operating successfully since 2008 , the company is based on the Gold Coast. Its Director, Geoff Todman, has a background in teaching, specializing in maths and science.

He, with his wife and family, also spent 15 years farming in Gingin, Western Australia.

He pioneered an innovative way to teach problem solving using practical maths materials with a “Discovery approach” in 1976.

He was then invited to lecture in Mathematics Education at the Advanced College of Education at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia in 1977.

This passion to help children learn using “manipulatives” grew into the formation of the company, “Fun With Maths Pty Ltd”.

Together, we design and construct a new set of activities every year.


Alberta Todman


Evelyn Shortall
Jan Folley
(Office Administrator)
Peter May
Deanne Grant

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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement now is “to develop the creative thinking processes in students by engaging their mind, firing their imagination and strengthening their motivation toward life and learning. Children learn when they play and have fun.”

“If I can awaken a sense of wonder and interconnectiveness in everything in our lives by helping to educate students to see maths all around them, then I believe the day has been a success.” Geoff Todman

Our commitment is to build a long term relationship with our clients, by offering exceptional service and dedication by providing the latest in innovative practical maths problem solving activities.

Fun with Maths

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